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“In 10,000 years, we'll have a new North Star. The Earth will have slowed down by several seconds.”

The Long Now Foundation was created to think long term, and promote long term thinking. I joined The Long Now Foundation ten years ago, as member 1657. It has always provided me with an important reminder to reconsider thoughts about and events in my life in a bigger context.

In this graph, The Long Now Foundation defines long term:

The last 100 years in human development saw the the arrival of airplanes, computers, smartphones and the internet, as well as nuclear energy, our first steps in space, and sequencing and editing of the genome, to name only a few highlights. What will the next 100 bring?

Taking this longer term perspective and applying it to immersive technologies is something I’ll be focusing more heavily on in the coming year. I am creating new work that is about long term visions of our planet, and the human species, and I long for more depth and meaning in the work I create within the XR space.

To dive deeper into the meaning of what we’re creating and how it connects us, and pushes as forward as a collective consciousness. But equally, to take more time to look back into history, and bring more from our collective past into my research processes., writing, and ultimately, build that into my projects.

I saw this tweet yesterday and it describes my own conflicting thoughts about the XR space quite succinctly:

“What's needed at the moment is not merely creating new buzzwords and defining the future based on these invented words, but to deeply question the purpose of technology in human lives. Human intelligence and problems manifest beyond mere interfaces like AR/VR.”

जाम्बवंत @Jaambvant

Wishing everyone a graceful exit from 02018, and a beautiful start to 02019! Lets make it a magic year together.